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The best thing about my profession is that there’s no need to make any decision. Who’s to die, when and where, it’s all been planned by others. I’m a lazy person. I like others to arrange things for me. But I’ve been doing some thinking lately. I feel the need for change. Whether it’s right or wrong… I must make a decision for myself”

Fallen Angels (墮落天使)(1995)

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Pi (1998) A Film By Darren Aronofsky

Wish I still had the pretentious ten page analysis I wrote as a freshman. Also still need to see Noah even though it scares me just because I luv Darren.

from Spirited Away

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"I felt very sad. I felt like there should be two of us standing here."

Leslie Cheung (Sept. 12, 1956 - Apr. 1, 2003) in Happy Together

Fuck. RIP Leslie :(

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Ashitaka & Yakul - Princess Mononoke (1997)