Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Millennium Actress (2001) by Satoshi Kon
Chihiro in the Spirit World

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Sophie and Markl’s cute moments

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Happy Together (1997)

"Turns out that lonely people are all the same."

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Where was Cecilia? She hovered on the peripheries, speaking to no one, always smoking, raising the cigarette to her lips with a rapid, hungry movement, and pulling it away in agitated disgust.

'You saw him then.'
'I know it was him.'
'Let's forgot what you know. You're saying you saw him.'

At first they saw nothing … . then everyone could hear it, and there was a collective murmur and shifting of weight as they caught sight of an indefinable shape, no more than a grayish smudge against the white, almost a hundred yards away. As the shape took form, the waiting group fell silent again. No one could quite believe what was emerging. Surely it was a trick of mist and light. No one in this age of telephones and motorcars could believe that giants seven or eight feet high existed in crowded Surrey. But here it was, an apparition as inhuman as it was purposeful. The thing was impossible and undeniable, and heading their way…this was Robbie.

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